Friday, August 31, 2012

Time to Retire?

Andy Roddick decided yesterday, on his 30th birthday,  to retire after the U.S. Open.  He is slated to play in the second round tonight.  Without Andy, there will be no American men in the top tier of tennis.  That doesn't stop us from loving Federer, Nadal, and Djokovik, but still . . .

Andy joins a group of great players with whom I totally identify and hold in high regard:  those who were great but not as great as those who fate determined were their rivals.  I'm thinking of Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, and maybe even Derrick Rose.

Speaking of retirement, I am maddened by the phone call I had with Elsa yesterday.  The story was in the news so maybe you are aware of it.  A 100 year old man, driving his car (!), plowed into some parents and school children.  This was at Natalie's school!  No 100 year old person should be driving a car.  

And, speaking of oldsters, Clint Eastwood just made me feel sad.  He has made some really good films (who can forget Million Dollar Baby?).  He came across as a jerk.


  1. Hi Joan,

    If you have been forcing yourself to watch much of the RNC, I heartily commend you on your powers of endurance. I cannot bring myself to watch it - it is depressing enough that I live in a house where Romney is going to get 2 votes. I did make myself to watch Clint Eastwood's presentation. It was nothing short of awful, so pathetic and embarrasing, especially the way the idiot crowd was eating it up. The spectacle of Eastwood talking at and insulting the "invisible black man" was enough to turn my stomach. The universe have mercy on us.

    Take Care, Pam

  2. Your blog made me think of something very important and then I forgot! In any case 100 years old is pretty old, that was tragic. And I don't entirely understand the sentence: "those who fate determined their rivals". Over-all there is a lot to say about sports legends.

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