Monday, July 2, 2012

The Wardrobe

I went to the memorial event for Jerry Stern at his home.  It was a grand party that Jerry would have loved.  A few days before,  I asked Kathy if I could have one of Jerry's wonderful hats.  Something to remember him by.  I came away with a great Borsalino.

Anyone who ever saw Jerry would remember how he dressed.  Phillip said: "He would put on a suit and tie to watch TV."  What some don't realize is that Jerry seldom bought any of his clothes at retail.  He combed the thrift shops and vintage stores for his choices.  His genius was in putting it all together for his unique look.

One time Jerry was at a party and met his friend Don.  Don complimented Jerry on the "beautiful shirt" he was wearing.  Jerry chuckled and said: "You should like it Don, it used to be yours."  Sure enough, Don''s name was on the laundry tag on the collar.

I'm going to love wearing that hat.

This is my first blog at this site.  Elsa set this site up for me awhile ago.  I intended to use it for business, but now I will used it for my personal blog as well.  I'll play around with it to get better at including some photos.  Thanks to everyone who let me know that they were looking forward to my blogging again.


  1. love the new look of the blog. looks nice!

  2. Hi Joan,

    I'm so glad you weren't out of commission with your blog - really looks nice.

    I didn't have a chance to comment on a blog a while back.
    It sounds like you will be engaging in some of that "Creative Non-Fiction" you and Nancy and I were talking about. I for one would be eager to read it.


  3. Good work. love the logo. mimi

  4. Brava Joan. Wishing you continued success with the new blog! Lisa x

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  6. I will always remember Jerry Stern as one of the most fashionable men that I ever met. I will also remember his sweet smile. He has a place in my heart.