Monday, July 23, 2012

Football Defines America . . .

Or, does it?  As I was watching the NCAA press conference announcing the severe sanctions against Penn State, this thought kept creeping up: what if there was an "NCAA" that had the power to impose sanctions on Wall Street?  Just as I was thinking this, the press conference speaker described the moral catastrophe at Penn State as a result of a "too big to fail" mentality at the school. Yes, they used those words.

On the same theme, is everyone going to just throw up their hands and say that the NRA is "too big to fail?"  And leave it at that?

Frank Rich has written an excellent article on the spike in nostalgia for the "better America" that we used to have in the 1950s.  I agree with him that the idea that we were "better" then is bad memory and bad history.  No black person in the south (or north for that matter) is going to have a tear in his eye remembering all-white "Mayberry."

What is "better" is NOW.  What is better is that we elected a black President.  The rest of the world gave us credit for this.  Why can't we?


  1. What a wonderful thinker you are!!!

  2. I hope congress starts a debate about guns and something constructive happens.

  3. I'm just finishing a book about the OSS during WW2 in SE Asia and the pressure of all those countries for independence and the arrogance of the English, French, and Dutch in using the defeated Japanese to repress Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand while the US State Dept sided with the colonialists. None of them would say the 40's and 50's were better.