Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Tiebreaker

Some people remember the moon landing, the Kennedy assassination,  Obama in Grant Park as great moments in history.  Since I'm a tennis nut, my history takes me to the grass courts at Wimbledon on a memorable Fourth of July.

This was the 1980 tiebreaker between John McEnroe and Bjon Borg.  It was the fourth set,  went for 22 minutes, produced 34 contested points.  Set point and match point went back and forth endlessly.

I was visiting friends at their cottage on Lake Michigan.  The hosts kept calling that "dinner is ready."  They sounded more and more annoyed with each call.  I simply couldn't tear myself away, and I never regretted being a rude visitor.  They ate without me.

Now, it's the Fourth again and I'm happily watching the matches.

By the way, do you remember who finally won that match?  (No fair googling.)


  1. My memory, perhaps faulty, is that McEnroe won the 4th set tiebreaker but Borg came back and won the match.

  2. I'm so happy that you're blogging from here!

  3. After watching the fantastic tennis on Wednesday, I watched that exquisite movie "Lars and the Real Girl".
    It was a good day for relaxing with some excellent TV.