Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Bigger Picture

One of the powerful elements in the movie Money Monster is that George Clooney, the star of a reality TV show,  wears an earpiece which connects him privately with Julia Roberts, the producer.  In the crisis that ensues, Julia uses the earpiece connection to soothe and calm down George while informing and instructing him at the most dangerous moments. "There are snipers you can't see who are aiming at you."  "Nothing's happening now because we're waiting for them to find the wife."
Thus, George gets the benefit of an expanded experience. It saves his life, and maybe his soul.

And, isn't that what we think would improve our lives -- "an expanded experience"?  Don't we think of it as the key to empathy, problem solving, peace?

Many years ago I took a course on expanding the functioning of the brain.  One of the exercises was to imagine a "guide" who would inform us or provide an imaginary "other point of view."

Kind of like an earpiece.

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