Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Eternal Losers?

I like tuning into the final episode of the TV show The Biggest Loser.  When the confetti falls on a face beaming with pride at having lost so much weight I cheer and believe it when they say:  "My life has changed forever."  And I am just as happy for the others who didn't win the big prize but still lost all those pounds.

So today I am filled with dismay reading the article following up on the TV show stars and how much lost weight has found them again.  And it isn't because they are inferior slackers.  Their metabolism will not -- refuses -- to adjust to their new weight.  They simply cannot not burn enough calories.  Maybe they should have lost the weight very slowly, over several years.  No TV show that way.  And who wants to wait for less weight?

Or, does this mean that the genetic Gods continue to laugh at our delusions?  Willpower, guts, determination, the possibility of change -- are all of it a squandered effort?   Science will probably spend billions attacking the metabolism problem, but the patience problem?  That lies somewhere else.

Maybe we can make peace with ourselves very slowly.  I'll start with me.

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