Sunday, May 22, 2016

On Your Mark

I saw Mark Cuban on a political talk show today.  His name is being mentioned as a VP choice for Trump OR Hillary.  Mark came across as likeable and reasonable. (Has Trump softened me up for this?  Or made me desperate?)

I've always liked Cuban on Shark Tank and as a basketball team owner with oomph.  He was my vote to buy the Cubs. Cuban said Trump's success may be opening the door to more non-traditional candidates.

I would love a wider choice of candidates but I was thinking of campaign finance reform as the door opener not another set of billionaires with their eyes on the prize. When we were talking about baseball, my friend Rex said:  "There is nothing above first place."  Mark Cuban has already won a Championship with the Mavericks, so maybe for him . . . there is.

P.S.  I like the idea of 400 people running for Congress with a unified progressive message and national internet funding.  They could call it "The Ride of the 400."  (Oh right, nobody rides into battle anymore.)  It's still a fresh idea.

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  1. This guy as VP for either of them? That is all too weird.