Monday, December 28, 2015

Walter Did It

I joined a book group where we each bring a favorite book to recommend to the others.  I just finished reading one of the selections and I loved it.  This is a good idea!

Now I'm thinking about what book to recommend at the nest meeting.  Which got me to remember that I still love Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned by Walter Mosley.  I'm going to pull it off the shelf and get ready to talk about it again.  I'm going to say it has a great plot.  And, what I got from the story is that dignity can occur in the most impossible ways and in the worst times and places.  I've tried to remember that.

Selecting this book is an act of forgiveness toward Mosley that doesn't come easily.  I'm still mad at him for killing off my favorite of his characters -- Easy Rawlins.  I'm not the only one who loved Easy.  He appeared in ten books.  Denzel played him in Devil in the White Dress.

I guess authors get to do whatever they want with their characters.  And readers get to react.  It's what keeps us connected.

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  1. I participated in something along these lines several years ago. It was a Chain Letter, only with books. Everyone in the chain would send along a book to the next person on the list. It was fun for a while.