Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here Comes Michael

Who will dislodge Donald Trump from the top of the Republican pack?  Will another Republican candidate be able to do it?  Or, one or more of the billionaire big-wigs?  For those of us who watch cable news this seems to be the ONLY news and the ONLY question.  And, so far, it's nobody.

So, when I read today that Michael Moore was putting on the gloves and stepping into the ring for round one vs. Trump, I was intrigued.  Is this just a publicity stunt for Moore's new documentary?  Or, does Moore think he (being the ultimate anti-Trump) can even things up a little bit?

I have long believed that Moore begat Bernie.  Yes, it was Moore who softened us up to accept and throw some love at another disheveled provacateur.

Looking at the title of Michael Moore's autobiography, I say "Here Comes Trouble" for Donald Trump.  I hope I'm right.

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  1. Me too - the spectacle of Donald Trump is just too much to bear.