Sunday, December 20, 2015

For the Rest of Us

I've been invited to a Festivus Party.  Festivus sounded familiar and the hosts included a link to the Seinfeld episode that explains it all.  In the spirit of Larry David's idea of merriment, guests are expected to get up and share their grievances for the year.

Since I would never expose the endless loop of grievances that comprise my inner dialogue; and in the spirit of parlor games and with my tongue placed firmly in my cheek, here goes:

My grievance is with the grown men who have decided to become women.  These "women-come-lately" are getting way too much attention and praise.  These are the former men who never waited to get asked to the prom, who never took a job as a secretary.  They never got pregnant, or worried about getting their period.  They never marched for the ERA amendment or for equal pay.  They were never invited to the casting couch.

But now that women are graduating from college at a higher rate than men, are going in big numbers to medical and law school, now it's okay to want to become a woman.

And when they do cross over, they want to slather on the makeup and go for the cleavage.  Enough of these nouveau femmes!


  1. This is wonderful, Joan! The guests will be delighted to hear they've made the big time!

  2. A good chuckle - Thanks, Joan.