Sunday, March 22, 2015

On the Way Out

The Post Office is hiring people but they are only accepting applications online.  These are temp jobs, people!  What the plaque was to Europe, "online" is to the Post Office.  The end times are here.

Maybe after the elimination, they'll keep stamps around for some obscure function (logo on your drone?), but the sentimental value will only last so long.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep on keepin" on by sending postcards and letters with interesting stamps on them.  But don't count on me to stem the tide.

What will happen to the marvelous Post Office buildings constructed in the '30's to keep the country and the people alive?  These buildings are cathedrals of a secular society, where everyone could stay connected for the price of a 3 cent stamp.

The Chicago Public Schools, another endangered entity, is considering turning some of the 50 shuttered schools into retirement homes for teachers.  Maybe we can do the same for postal workers.

If we do, I hope Mr. Walker, my postman for 15 years until he retired, gets the penthouse.  He was the most friendly, efficient, and engaging person to visit us six days a week.  We had a big cake in the lobby on his retirement day.

Retirement day for the Post Office?  I don't think that cake will taste very sweet.

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