Friday, March 6, 2015

It Goes Deep

I wore my Chuy button to my bridge game on Thursday.  The game is in the suburbs so there aren't many Chicagoans, but I thought I could engage one or two in conversation.   One of the women asked me if I was a "peon."  That surprised me so much I didn't have even one arrow in my quiver for a response.  Earlier, a good friend told me he wanted a Mayor who is "smart."  He took it for granted I'd know he was talking about Rahm.

When the blizzard hit last month, I read that the same people who were connected with the "hired truck" scandal were being paid to plow the snow.  I was thinking: "Why don't the Aldermen go to the high schools with shovels and pay the students who want to make a little money to shovel the side streets?"  "Or, provide parking in school lots so the plows can reach the curb."

This run-off is reminding us of some deep stuff. In Chicago, we hate the way we are in debt.  We hate the crooked deals we know are being done every day.  We hate it that the same people run for re-election time after time.  And, when someone new tries to open a crack, swarms of "volunteers" pour over every signature to keep the newcomer off the ballot.  This time, however, a few have made it through to the run-off.  It's a chance.

 We Chicagoans complain, but we must not really care because we don't vote.   Let's not be afraid to try another way. It's a mess, so why not shake things up and see what happens.

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