Saturday, March 7, 2015

Follow the Money

Do you have any of those Susan B. Anthony silver dollars lying around?  Neither do I.  So now, despite that misstep, there's a boomlet of interest in having a woman on our currency.  This time it's the folding kind that people actually use.  I think they want to replace Andrew Jackson.  (He was pretty bad, wasn't he?)

Who would you like to see on your $10 bill?  My vote is for Eleanor Roosevelt but I'm sure you have others in mind who are equally deserving.  (Please don't get cute and say Oprah or Angelina Jolie.)

Last week the Canadian government said it was okay to mark up their $5 bills to make Sir Wilfred Laurier look like Dr. Spock.  Let's not settle for some transgender scribbling here.  We need a full makeover.  And, while we're at it, let's add some color.  Our currency is so drab.  Women shouldn't have to put up with that.

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