Friday, January 16, 2015

Rent vs. Own

I once dated a man who made a point that "from now on, I only want to rent, not own."  I guess I would have been less disappointed when he dropped me if I had though of it as my lease expiring.

I see my friend Carol is  going to have an easy time moving because she rents her furniture.  She always impressed me as having a keen sense of mobility (new men, new country) so I shouldn't have been surprised.

On the other hand, another friend who was moving, was agonizing about what to do with her sister's diploma.  That impressed me as too much holding on.

I don't have much stuff and what I have I use.  I sell my books after I read them and make at least one or two trips to the Salvation Army each year.  Too much detachment?  I wonder.

The one thing I want most to hold on to are my friendships.  Please stay.

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