Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Down and out down under

Once a year the fact that I'm an early riser carries a little bonus.  Before dawn, I'm able to catch the end of the Australian Open matches while they are still live from Melbourne.

This morning, Rafael Nadal gasped his way to a victory over an unknown.  Only his championship experience and his great heart got him through.  His body is failing him, so who knows how long he will last.  

I'm tired of Serena. Roger Federer may have a little left.  Novak and Murray are still healthy.  Those are the names I still recognize. The rest are strangers or also-rans who I never got invested in caring about.

So, I'll have to get acquainted with some new players.  Too bad tennis is at such a low ebb here.  It seems to be as foreign as soccer.

It's sunny and hot in Australia, so that's a good way to start a grey day in Chicago.

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