Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Is It Just Me?

I'm getting dizzy as earth seems to be spinning faster and faster.   Here is my morning. First, an urgent email from the Citizens Utility Board warning me that AT&T is trying to eliminate land line phones. Can you believe this?  Next, I tried to take advantage of an offer from a bank to open a savings account.  Found out the deal was only for people who have smartphones.  

Of course, these messages came via my computer which apparently is going to be slowed down when Congress scraps net neutrality.  And, the warnings about hackers, spam and fraud flood my inbox daily.

My newspaper was so thin, it felt like a supermarket flyer. (Remember those?)  How long will the person who delivers it a 6 a.m. have a job?

A few years ago I moved my money to North Community Bank.  I liked the name because of the idea of "Community."  Just got a message that they're changing their name to Byline Bank.  What kind of name is that for a bank?

Oh well, I'm sure tomorrow will be more inviting.  I'm going to my class on how we should change our Constitution.  As if.

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