Friday, September 5, 2014

To Another Joan

Joan is one of those names that has had its day.  My friends Phyllis and Barbara know what I mean. Joan Rivers and I fit into the same time frame.  I saw her once at Gulf Mill where there used to be a great theater in the round.  She was dirty (what went for dirty back then) and very funny.  Not lamenting the role of the housewife, or even being a woman.  She was doing the same kind of standup as the boys.

A few years back there was a biopic of Joan's life.  A few things in it remain vivid.  One was that her worst fear was to look at her calendar and see empty space.  She needed, desperately needed, to be working.  Why?  Later in the film she explains how many people she took care of.  Many relatives,  people who worked for her,  and their families.

She loved having big dinners at Thanksgiving.  There was a lot of thanks (and giving) in her heart.

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