Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too much, too soon

The sportswriters are right.  The pressure on the young boys of the Jackie Robinson West team poured on them by the relentless media coverage is unfair.  It's unfair . . . and totally understandable.  Here we are in Chicago, reeling from news of young black boys and girls being cut down every week by gun violence. It doesn't change and it doesn't stop.

Then, along comes this team.  Bright black faces sporting bright yellow uniforms. Home runs.  Parents in the stands.  And it comes just at the same time as the stories from Ferguson, MO.  They are about as bad as any we've had in awhile. It's no wonder that we want these boys to win.  Win the game?  Or, win something good to take away some of the frustration and pain.

I love sports because it is the ultimate reality show.  As in life, the outcome unfolds and surprises.  So, reality will determine how far these Jackie Robinsons go.  It's a moment.  Let's enjoy it.

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