Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Third World Super Bowl

What if, as part of some frenzied world-wide marketing plan, the NFL decided to hold the Super Bowl in Africa?   They could trumpet the scheme as "spreading around the dollars."  Imagine all of the corporate private jets flying in formation to the far away continent.  Many of the players could connect with their ancestors.  Henry Louis Gates could guide them to find their proper tribe.

Now, imagine that the lights go out.  Fear grips the fans.  Game delayed.  Every sky box holder is on his cell phone demanding that his "people" get him out of there.  So much for the NFL marketing team.

Just a few years ago, the World Cup (the "Super Bowl" of soccer, the world's most popular game) was held in several cities in Africa.  To my knowledge, there were no power failures.  Just those noisy horns.

Some say Beyonce is to blame for the Super Bowl going dark.  She was using too much of the available power for her half-time show.  The popular super star is about to engage in a world wide tour.  Let's see how the other countries manage.

Rest of the world?  Thumbs up?  New Orleans?  Thumbs down?

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  1. More evidence of our crumbling infrastructure...but this country will continue to allow the Military and Wall Street Thugs to drain our economy of the funds it needs to serve "We the People". Insane.