Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dark Dawn

Dawn Clark Netsch has been diagnosed with ALS.  I can't image a worse fate.  Netsch brought some dignity and high-mindedness to public service and politics in this sullied State.  She deserves our admiration and gratitute.

The year was 1994.  I was living in exile in Elmhurst -- the heart of Republican DuPage County.  Netsch was running for Governor as a "straight shooter." (Remember those marvelous billiards commercials?)  She was the first woman in Illinois to get the nod from a major party.

When I entered the polling place at Primary time, there were a few gents totally at ease enjoying the coffee and donuts. I asked for a Democratic ballot.  "Oh right," one of them smirked.  "We'd better bring out some of those ballots today.  The 'little ladies' are going to want to vote for the gal."  The others chuckled along with the joke.  And, they made me wait while they pretended to fumble around looking for the "wrong" ballot.

I'm sure Dawn Clark Netsch faced, confronted and overcame all of this in her long career.

Why did she make her illness public?  She says "It might get people thinking more about ALS."  If anyone could cure the incureable, I'd put my money on her.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this news about Dawn Clark Netsch. I remember her well - she did our gender proud. She was always a fighter - I wish her all the support that she will need.

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