Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Gillian Flynn has written  a stunning novel" Girl Gone.  I enthusiastically join all the other readers who couldn't put it down.  Kathy thinks the book has staying power, in the same category as Lolita.   We agreed that it perfectly captures the ruthless self-centeredness that is crashing like Sandy over our national shores,  destroying the norms of accepted behavior in its wake.

Me. Me. Me.  Win. Win. Win.  And, if I have to bring the country to a "cliff", or spray a clip of bullets, I will not be denied the feeling of power!

The person in public life who reminds me most of Amy, the girl in the book who is gone, is Lance Armstrong.  Today, I've been listening to clips of his public statements.  They are chilling.  I also learned of the havoc he wrecked on everyone who dared to challenge his lies.  The most intriguing question is why is he admitting anything?  Why now?

The answer that makes the most sense to me goes back to the novel.  When they finally decided to nail Lance Armstrong, he lost his "story." He was no longer in charge of his narrative.   So, he must regain control.

The book ends at the same place where we are now with Lance:  we'll see over time if Amy and he suceed.


  1. I agree with you Joan about the book, it's a really good book, but I don't agree with you about the ending. No way they succeed. I won't say more in case people haven't read it.

  2. Well, with recommendations of 2 of my favorite people, I am definitely going to have to get this book. Thanks for not giving it away, Melinda. We are truly turning into a ruthless, Ayn Rand nation, and it isn't pretty.

  3. i have it--everyone loves it and i can't wait to read it. esp. with your latest review now read. re: lance armstrong. i always figured sheryl crow dumped him when he went to make nice and ride bikes with george w. bush. but i guess we know the real reason now. she wanted nothing to do with a druggie. --bonnie