Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hidden Feelings

President Obama is giving his Farewell Speech here tonight.  I saw the movie Hidden Figures yesterday.  Deep feelings of astonishment are welling up in me.  Of course I knew all along that Obama was a "once in a lifetime" presence.  But now it is getting to me.

When I was a young girl and my mother was away working, we had black maids who took care of us.  They looked and acted just like the computer programmer in the film.  Comfortable in her heavy set body and always nurturing.  Competent.  We were safe.

One scene in the film was especially powerful.  The blond department head says something like "We don't mean any disrespect."  The reply?  "I'm sure you believe that is true."

Could one of those loving women who helped get me through my childhood taken us to the moon?  I'll never know . . . and neither will they.


  1. Wonderfully caught, Joan. Poignant. Thanks.

  2. I just watched Obama's Farewell Speech. As you said, it is really getting to me, realizing what we are losing and what is being inflicted upon us instead. I really hope that the Obamas will remain on the political scene in some capacity.

  3. i so understand this, joan!!! love it..