Monday, December 12, 2016

What if . . .

A group of us were talking about a couple in a bridge group who were getting divorced.  The wife is disabled.  "Whatever happened to in sickness and in health?", someone said.  I've been thinking about that.

My Aunt Mary formed a bond with her future husband Irving in the visitors' lounge at Elgin Mental Hospital.  Mary was keeping her sister company as she visited her son.  Irving's wife was there.  Death eventually allowed them to marry.

I met a man who told me right away that his wife was in a nursing home.  I was certainly willing to be his friend.

I always regretted that Sandra Day O'Conner resigned from the Supreme Court to care for her husband who eventually didn't recognize her and was "in love" with a fellow patient.

And what about the people in Congress who are planning to destroy the Affordable Care Act, plus Medicare and Social Security?  There are many more ways to abandon "in sickness and in health" than divorce.

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