Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Diviner

C'mon friends.  Look with me in another direction.  There's a much more intriguing story developing right now than the one about the ever unpopular Donald and Hillary.  Okay, it's the baseball race, and some of you will say that it's not serious enough for your attention.  So then, just have some fun with it. We can use some fun.

The hero is Theo the Diviner.  The one who makes it rain where only parched earth prevailed.  First he did it in Boston,  the place where -- despite its "founding of the Republic" history --  fielded the hapless Red Sox. There was the curse of trading Babe Ruth which doomed them to nipping at the heels of the big time Yankees.  Then came the beautiful young Theo. Eighty six years of misery washed away.

Can he do the same here?  Can he find the underground stream?  There is so much to wash away. The more than a century of failure.  The curse of the goat.  The unbearable mistreatment of Bartman.

I love sports because it brings us -- safely -- the unpredictability of life.  It's a harmless war where we get to love our heroes, hate the "other", and the only suffering is maybe with our purse or our blood pressure.

And, would'nt it be fun if the ultimate fight is between the unstoppable Cubs and the red hot Red Sox?

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