Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's Promising

Bill is off to the Toronto Film Festival this weekend where his film, The Promise, will have its premiere.  Bill described it to me as an epic tale set again the tragedy of the Armenian genocide.  The stars, Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, are sure to attract a lot of buzz.

The film was financed by the Armenian American billionaire Kirk Kekorian as a tribute to his ancestry.  Unfortunately he didn't live to see it completed.

If you think the Kardashians are the only famous Armenian Americans, here are some others:  Cher, William Saroyan and (my favorite) Andre Agassi.

The premiere is Sunday, September 11.  How poignant that it is scheduled on the anniversary date of our own mass killing.  The last line of one of Pete Seeger's ballads pops into my head:  "When will it ever end, oh when will it ever end."

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