Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Love a Parade

Maybe the reason I was for Golden State is that I didn't think the Cavaliers could actually do it.  And, when they were down 3-1, I was sure the axe would fall.  Why be disappointed by another outcome, when the Sox and the Bulls give me all the grief I can bear.

So, now Cleveland is the center of the Universe and I am happy for LeBron.  Goodyear has a lot of nerve bragging about saying "Akron born."  That's what they have to say since they moved all of their jobs away years ago.

And no, the Cavs and not going to bring the jobs back.  And Tamir Rice is not cheering at the parade.  But, let's let the folks enjoy their heros with the same excitement Cubs fans will have if they ever crown their great season with the ultimate prize.

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