Sunday, June 26, 2016

He's Back!

If you've read this blog through the years you may remember my feud (as if he cares) with Walter Mosley for killing off my favorite character Easy Rawlins, the hero of Mosley's earlier and better books.  My writer friend Rex and I discussed the idea that characters can take over a writer's life.  Rex suggested that maybe Mosley killed off Easy because he was tired of him and Easy wouldn't go away.

Well, Mosley has now brought Easy Rawlins back in his new book Charcoal Joe.  And, just for cover, he is teaming him up once again with another abandoned favorite -- the unforgettable Mouse.

So I ask the question: do authors get to slip the bounds of the ultimate inevitable?  As for me, I say "Okay, Walter Mosley, I give up and give in".  I will happily read Charcoal Joe.  I will follow Easy and Mouse to infinity.

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