Sunday, March 27, 2016

Haunted House

I don't read Stephen King or go to scary movies.  Vampires and zombies hold no appeal.  But I think I understand their ratings because I have been binge-watching House of Cards and I can't turn away. This is our Shakespeare-style take on American power and it is cruel and painful to watch.  There is manipulation to the point of murder and still it rings true.

The opening credits let us know that Netflix went all in on this one.  Really good writers and producers are attached to this story.  Yes, it's a dark and stormy tale and the White House is the haunted house but they want you to take it seriously -- or else.

Last week, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump (our "real life" House of Cards players) got into a pissing contest about their wives.  Cruz quoted almost verbatim a line from The American President, the movie that presents a fairy tales antidote to the Cards brand of poison.  Cruz seemed to claim it as his own.

Okay, I'm taking it seriously.

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  1. This reminds me of how Ronald Reagan used to include lines from his movies in some of his speeches.