Saturday, February 20, 2016


It was inevitable. The time when long-time friends begin to die.  And it doesn't come as a shock the way the earlier ones did.  It is sad, not cruel.  The news makes me think I am entering a gathering place for the final march.  People are taking their places one by one.

What will guide me as I take my place among them?  Things are easier to see now.  Clearer.  Death beats divorce.  It beats injustice among siblings, pain over missed opportunities, guilt over friends ignored or left behind.

In sports, they say : "Father Time remains undefeated."  Death tells us there is no victory, only what we bring to the game.


  1. My condolences, Joan. As I wrote of a friend who died in his late '60s, "Death is a bigger than life opponent with an undefeated record."

  2. I am sorry for your loss, Joan. Thank you for your continued wisdom.