Monday, February 8, 2016

Great White Hope

For the past few years I've been telling my friends (in a "say it isn't so" tone) that the next President should be a white man.  My reasoning is that we are living through an eight year nervous breakdown over having a black President and we cannot afford another breakdown over having a woman. It will spark another round of ugliness.  Ugh.

You know me.  Of course the white man has to be a Democrat.   At first,  I thought I might have to settle for old Joe Biden.  All the while dreaming the impossible dream of Gavin Newsom.

But no! Bernie Sanders is the one.  Wow.

Nothing is simple.  Do we now have another cause for nervous breakdowns?  Let's see:  black vs. woman vs. Jew.  My head spins.

As my friend Bonnie says:  "Oy."

1 comment:

  1. I'm with Madeline Albright who chastens women who will not support a woman candidate. Especially one who is the most qualified candidate of all those who are currently in the race.