Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Learning that many sports stories are "written" by computers shakes me up, but not too much.  I remember when baseball announcers worked off the wire that gave them the stats inning by inning. They would then spin these facts into a tale of action on the field that they could not see or hear. Ronald Reagan did this.  Good start, huh?  Stories come from many sources.

I wonder what the robot writers are preparing for the Cubs story.  My friend Rex, the novelist and baseball lover, could get them started in an interesting direction.  Of our down-three-games team he says: "Why not stay in last place in the first place?"

I'll take that a little further.  Why not revel in being the Kings of Last Place?   Is one spray of champaign worth a metamorphosis?  Face it.  Do you feel happy or frustrated when the '85 Bears or the '05 White Sox are paraded around town?

Would anyone remember Casey at the Bat if not for the last line?

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  1. This is a darn good idea, Joan!!! Revel in being losers…. love it!!