Sunday, October 25, 2015

Angry Times

John Grisham is angry.  His new novel, Rogue Lawyer, reflects these angry times.  As always, America's favorite storyteller tells a legal eye opener that is fierce on the page.  And, as always, his hero is up against it.  But this time, Sebastian Rudd doesn't waste a minute thinking decency plays a deciding role.  No more knives to the gun fight.  Rudd is willing to bring and use any amount of ammunition.  Grisham, in explaining his new character, puts it this way:  "If they play dirty, Rudd plays dirty.  If they play clean, he'll keep it clean."

Bernie Sanders is angry. And, he lays out in eloquent detail how Americans are up against it. "We need a social revolution," he says.  Bernie is counting on a nation of voters as tough as Sebastian Rudd to show up at the polls.

Hillary Clinton is angry.  But she will never show it. She knows personally and politically how dirty the game is played and she will be tough but cool.  She is counting on a nation of voters who will consider her good enough for the job.

John Grisham's novels always win.  He begins a new one each January and completes it by April.  The rest of the year he pursues his interests, including the Innocence Project, and golf.

I wonder who will win politically in these angry times. And, I wonder if the infuriating issues raised in Rogue Lawyer will ever be addressed.

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