Saturday, September 26, 2015

State Dinner

I know you're probably pooped from watching all the Pope stuff.   It's redundancy for ratings that's at work and I got bored after the first go around.  So, I'm not going to linger too much with this but just make a small observation.

I wish some of the Pope stuff had rubbed off on President Obama in his choice of guests for the state dinner with the Chinese head of State.  I know Michele looked gorgeous and she was wearing Vera Wang.  Careful choice.  I also know that these dinners are payback for big donors.  So what else is new?

With the Pope in mind, maybe a few Chinese restaurant owners could have been invited?  Not the ones in New York or here in Chinatown, but a few from Idaho or North Dakota?  It always amazes me that there's a chinese restaurant no matter where you are.

I hope the egg roll was crisp not soggy and the fortune cookies held out hope for us all.

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