Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oscar Night

This year I'm going to be in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards broadcast.  If Bill is not at the theater in the audience, I'll get to watch it with him at home.  What fun!  I have not seen all of the films, deliberately passing up "Twelve Years a Slave" and not getting around to watching "Dallas Buyers Club."  One of the perks of having an Academy member in the house is that Bill has DVDs of all of the nominated films.

There's so much buzz right now about Woody Allen the man that Woody Allen the creative artist is getting lost.  Whatever you think of Woody, I don't think you'll dispute that bad men can make great art.  And, if you want to boycott his movies, essays and comments to the press, that's fine.  But, I believe the work of art, once accomplished, stands on its own.  If it's good, it's good.  Maybe notorious in the eyes of some, but still good. Woody has made some great films.
I hope the controversy won't hurt Cate Blanchette's chances of winning for best actress because she was marvelous.  But, if Judy Dench wins for whatever reason, I won't be disappointed.

My two favorite films were "Gravity" and "Her."  One is on a unversal scale and one a private scale, but both deal with man's encounter with technology.  Both films gave me lots to think about as the "crazy caroussel" spins faster and faster, just like Jacques Brel said it does.

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