Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slouching Towards Anarchy

Is anarchy the proper response to a surveillance system gone mad?  I was thinking about "the joy of non-cooperation" when I told the cashier, "No, I will not give you my email address."  "But, you'll be eligible for a discount," she pleaded.  "No, thanks," I smiled, feeling even more self-satisfied by my sacrifice.

Another total intrusion story broke out this week. The Supreme Court ruled that big pharma can no longer own our genes.  This bit of commen sense took 30 years to achieve.

So, I'm thinking:  "If I can obtain a patent on my phone calls and my emails, maybe I can keep big brother at bay for 30 years, by which time I'll be long gone."

Harry Browne, the late libertarian, wrote: "Don't do anything that requires your signature."
If only.

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  1. Thanks. A very satisfying post. It informed and gave a seeing perspective on something big as well as something as personal as our genes. I was unable to keep from reading it.