Monday, June 24, 2013

Pump Room Revisited

My wonderful friend Lisa treated me to lunch at the Pump Room.  I knew the famous room was under new management and even the Ambassador Hotel had a new name.  But, on the way over, I was thinking of Kup in booth number one, of the celebrity photos in the hallway, of how you could get a phone plugged in at your table.

For certain dishes the waiters would march to your table to serve your food from flaming swords.  The whole idea was over the top pagentry.  The men wore elaborate hats with huge plumes above suits that looked like they came from Versailles.

Today, the pump room is beige.  Very elegant, very quiet, very soothing.  Our waitress wore plain black and sneakers.  Imagine that: sneakers.

Myles has a copy of Fodor's Guide to Chicago, 1954.  It  has reviews of Fritzel's, Shangri-La, Red Star Inn.  I'm sure the Pump Room is in there too.  I want to see what Fodor had to say.


  1. Fritzel's...haven't thought of that place in a l o n g time. Was one of my favorite, special treat places when I was growing up.

  2. I always remember my parents dressing up to the nines to go to the Pump Room. Going there for my 18th Birthday was a most memorable event. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I loved the Pump Room as it was; I don't know about now. Melinda