Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who's All In

Cory Booker, the irrepressible Mayor of Newark, invited his blacked out neighbors into his home and served them lunch!

Dwayne Wade contributed his game salary to Sandy disaster relief.  The Knicks contributed big money and then rose up and beat the Heat.  Same for the Brooklyn Nets who won their very first game at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Entertainers put on a fund raising concert Friday night that played over all of the NBC TV stations.

New York rocks!

And, of course, the shots of the fat man and the thin man may be the photos that define this elongated campaign.

So.  Did I miss something?  Did Jamie Dimon or the titans at Goldman pledge their bonuses to the Red Cross?  Did Donald Trump open any vacancies in his many golden towers to the folks over on Staten Island?

Paul Simon called it the "sound of silence."


  1. Great reflection Joan. You'd make a good preacher.

  2. Hah - Donald Trump let someone stay in one of his palaces free of charge? Now that would have been a real "October Surprise"!