Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My ego is bruised.  I think I may be the only woman in America who hasn't received a flirtatious email from a Four or Five Star General.  What were they thinking!

All you have to do is get 50 pages or so into a John Grisham novel, or any of the other mysteries, and you can find out, in detail, how to hide your identify, become lost, move money, and generally get away with it.  Everyone knows by now that an email is a public document whether you intend it to be or not.  Except for the CIA?

No wonder so many women in the Army are being sexually harrassed, or worse.  The boys at the top are setting the tone . . . and the rules.

So now, could we please have Eliot Spitzer back as Governor of New York where he can resume his role as the "Sheriff of Wall Street."  And can Anthony Weiner go back to being the progressive Congressman from New York.


  1. You are right on the money, Joan. I watch Eliot Spitzer now on Current TV. I would love to see him hauling the Wall Street crowd off to jail in handcuffs.

  2. I still think Bill, Eliot, Anthony and all the others (there are too many to count) have lost their sense of what is right and wrong......

  3. As long as these people are doing their job well, who cares what they are doing in their off hours. If we want our generals and politicians to be perfect, let's assign priests to those positions. Oh wait, let me rethink that.