Friday, July 7, 2017

Et Tu Wimbledon?

"I'm so glad I can turn off the news, and turn to my favorite July sports event: Wimbledon!" That's what I was saying to myself in anticipation of this year's drama.  The grass, the players all in white, I need some tradition.  No Serena, but on the men's side, the big four still going strong.

The 2017 Gods laughed.

Even before the players got on the court, John McEnroe made a fool of himself by saying Serena would rank 700 against the guys.  Really John, that's so Bobby Riggs.

Right away, players were annoyed and interrupted by swarms of flying ants.  A "rare occurrance" said the commentators.  Sure.

Two injured men started their matches against Federer and Djokovic and retired early.  The explanation was that it was the only way they could get their minimum pay.  There must be a better rule that doesn't cheat the fans.

Upon losing, a real jerk of a pro threw coins at the judge in the chair.  Another jerk said he was "bored" on the court.

And here's McEnroe again, gossiping that Djokovic may have "problems in his personal life like Tiger Woods."

On another scale altogether, Bethanie Sands suffered a gruesome injury and left the court in an ambulance.  Please let this be less serious than it looked.

That was week one at Wimbledon.  Please, can we just have one great five-setter in week two?

My hope?  Nadal beats Federer in the finals.  Very traditional.

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