Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Importance of Paper

I asked Elsa about her upcoming show in Oregon and learned she is still working with paper to create her remarkable papercuts.  "This time it's going to be deeper," she said.  "I'm thinking of the versatility of paper as a metaphor for the mind."

I love paper.  My friend Diane gave me some beautiful notecards for my birthday and it was the perfect gift.  I'll mail them out during the year with good wishes while I enjoy affixing my carefully selected stamps.

I miss paper as it disappears from so many familiar parts of our lives.  My newspaper for more than fifty years is barely hanging on.  What's left of it seems not worth salvaging.  And please, please let my library stay stocked with books for as long as I'm around.

We need paper to preserve our democracy.  I'm serious.  Paper ballots are the only safe way to achieve the most accurate count.

And now I will send this out over the internet . . . but I can still make the point about paper, can't I?

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  1. I agree - I particularly love books, though it is better for the environment not to use paper.