Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another March Madness

Orr Academy, a high school on Chicago's west side, won the Illinois State High School Basketball Championship last night.  I watched because I had become captivated by Rick Telander's five part series in the Sun Times.  Rick, the long time sportswriter, spent time with the boys and their coach Lou Adams.  The series was titled:  A Season Under the Gun.  Everyone in Chicago knows what that means.

As I was cheering, I thought: "My best hope for these champs is that this isn't the best moment in their lives.  That they will have a good life to grow into.  Of course you know what's behind that thought: "I hope they don't get shot like so many of their friends and family members."

March Madness indeed.

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  1. It's wonderful for them. Yet, it is so sad as well. I hope they're able to get a good education, besides a great sports education, and then good jobs. That's the only thing that will save them and their neighborhoods, not more police or more jail time for repeat offenders, or more guns for defense. Yes, it is madness and we're not addressing the root causes.