Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Music Everywhere

Miro and Bill are jammin'.  Dad on the keyboard, son on the guitar.  Miro is a whiz at picking up a tune, just like the old man.  I showed him some Pete Seeger and Paul Simon songs which he immediately absorbed.

Bill plays flute in a volunteer pickup orchestra.  An hour of rehearsal immediately followed by the performance.  The man in charged is a legend.  A pied piper for every wannabe in NY and environs.

When Bill invited Michael and Annie, they came more out of loyalty than enthusiasm.  "We were blown away!  It was tremendous!," they cried.  Annie is so impressed that she is going to recommend the orchestra to one of her corporate clients who encourage CEO's to participate in innovative and unusual experiences.

Memo to CEO's:  Bill is the flute player on the right (and a film producer).  He is always looking for ways to finance a new idea.

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