Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A White Sox Fan Gets Ready to Watch the World Series

Am I remembering this wrong?  About when the Sox won it all in 2005?  Wasn't there a lot of griping (or maybe just scratching of heads) about how the "other team" won it first?  Everyone was happy  -- as in "I'm happy for you." And that was about it.

 I'm happy for Steve Bartman.  I really hated Cubs fans during the whole ugly, ugly Bartman episode.  How despicable.  Blaming the team's ineptitude on an innocent who did what we all would do instinctively?  That's about as bush as it gets.  So I hope Steve is excited about the Series.  I hope he has a good seat -- even if it's still in his den.

I'm happy for my friend Myles who got tickets for Sunday's game!  He's taking his superfan son.  Yes, he reached deep into the bank account.  But he reached with a grin.  I'll try to spot him on TV.

I'm happy for one of my favorite sportscasters : Mike Wilbon.  And, of course, Michelle.

 I'm happy for you Cubs.  You've got a great team and a great manager.  I hope -- like the Sox -- you win it all.


  1. I don't think Mr. B will be forgotten as soon as any of us might like. His name is cited over and over. His situation is bit like that of Ralph Branca, the man who threw the pitch that became "The Shot Heard Round the World" simply because Bobby Thompson hit a 300-foot fly ball in just the right spot, at just the right moment (the 1951 National League's final playoff game), in a bandbox ball park, with the benefit (very likely) of signs stolen by the Giants. Branca commented, many years later, that unlike someone who commits a crime and serves his time, he (Branca) had an indefinite sentence. While he made peace with it, decades passed before he was able to.

    1. Ah, those who go down in history as serving the poetic "life sentence." I think there was redemption for Bill Buckner. Why not Steve?