Sunday, August 28, 2016

Over Before it's Over

I wish I could like Hillary, but I don't.  I wish I could get excited about the first woman President, but I'm not.  Marrying your way to the top is no fun. It makes it a tired idea and it hasn't even happened yet!  We all admire the athlete who leaves while he's ahead.  Or retires gracefully when he's behind.  If athletes can give up money and power, why can't people in public office ever go away on their own accord?

I was thinking about this today after reading my friend Gerry's blog about people on the rebound.  How do they get over a lost love, if they ever do.  Obama beat Hillary because he was fresh and new.  And, he ran a superb campaign with a new approach to winning.

Hillary on the rebound?  The pattern seems the same.


  1. Even if I was not already voting for Donald Trump, I would never vote for a malicious liar like Hilary.

  2. Here is a list of Presidents who lost elections before they became President, according to Michael Cardinal:

    1789--John Adams (lost to George Washington) became 2d President.
    1796--Thomas Jefferson (lost to John Adams) became 3d President.
    1808--James Monroe (lost to James Madison) became 5th President.
    1824--Andrew Jackson (lost to John Quincy Adams) became 7th President.
    1836--William Henry Harrison (lost to Martin Van Buren) became 9th President.
    1844--James Buchanan (lost to James K Polk) became 15th President.
    1856--Millard Fillmore (lost to Franklin Pierce) became 13th President.
    1860--Andrew Johnson (lost to Abraham Lincoln) became 17th President.
    1864--Ulysses S Grant (lost to Abraham Lincoln) became 18th President.
    1888--Grover Cleveland (lost to Benjamin Harrison) became 24th President (after already serving as 22d President).
    1960--Richard Nixon (lost to John F Kennedy) became 37th President.
    1980--George H. W. Bush (lost to Ronald Reagan in primary) became 41st President.

    I doubt any of them were called Presidents "on the rebound" or likened to a rebound romance, Joan. Certainly, it was not my intention to comment on elections, only romance:

  3. The issue of being excited about Hillary aside, I simply could never hold my nose tight enough to vote for Donald Trump. He makes my skin crawl, always has.