Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outside the Lines

I am following with interest the controversy stirred up by Laura Kipnis.  She is the Northwestern University Professor and author.  I knew her when I was married to her father. Since then, I have applauded from the sidelines as she occasionally hits the headlines with her provocative points of view.

Laura says that the current across-the-board bans against university professors dating students is caused by “sexual paranoia” on campus.  In retaliation, some NU students sued her for sexual harrassment under Title IX.  Which led to Kipnis’ argument that this is an absurd stretch for the use of Title IX.  The University has stood behind her, the suit went nowhere, but the controversy remains.

Ah, Universities.  Let’s go back for the football, basketball, or maybe a class reunion. 

Ah, Academia.  Outside the sight of those who scratch for a living.  Or, remembered fondly by those who are living their lives, and can barely remember what Ulysses was about anyway.

Ah, Professors.  Still fighting for the world of ideas and taking seriously the concept of rational thought.  The powerful have long since bent rationality to serve their material or ideological interests.

Good for you Laura Kipnis.  She says “bring it” and is smart enough to take what comes her way.

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