Sunday, June 22, 2014

What the Spurs Can Teach America

The NBA Championship Series helped me through rehab after hip surgery.  I was rooting for the Spurs because I like the title to change hands as often as possible.  The Heat was a favorite with some, but many sports people thought San Antonio was certainly capable of winning.  What stunned everyone was the way they won.  After they lost to the Heat by just two points in game two, they blew them away in every game to win in five.

The Heat are the team of the "big three."  These are the mega watt stars who get all of the publicity and LeBron is King.  The Spurs have their own "big three."  Can you name them?

With so many players being identified as having talent when they are in high school, then being promoted like crazy during their (usually) one year of college, the cult of the individual star hangs over the game.

The Spurs are the exception.  They play as a team.  They communicate. They collaborate.  Rather than go for the dunk, they pass, then they pass again until they set up the "best shot."  They spread the points evenly.  Some of their best players are from other countries.  Dare I call them immigrants?

I hope when President Obama welcomes the Spurs to the White House, Washington will pay attention.

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