Sunday, October 13, 2013


Gravity is one force that physics has yet to explain.  Until we do, Einstein's "unified theory" awaits our understanding.  Gravity is the mystery that allows us to live.   I think and I hope that was on the filmmaker's mind when he chose "Gravity" for the title of this wondrous film.

The visuals are so arresting that I went back to looking at the real images captured by the Hubbel space telescope.  The film puts humans onto that tiny stage occupied by astronauts, space stations and modules.  And, it lets us spend a moment with what it means to be human in the vastness.

What makes us human?  Knowing from the start that we will die and what that knowledge provokes.  The film embraces this emotional space.  It embraces death as sudden and random.  With death as a deliberate act to save another.  With the choice of sweet surrender.  With patience, intelligence and determination to eek out a little more time to live.

Don't miss Gravity.  And let me know what you think.

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